Satisfied Clients and Participants

"Rita was wonderful - discreet, honest and her solutions worked.  Great personal coach to me as well.  Worth every penny."

"Very Insightful.  I wish my HR team thought like her."

"I enjoyed this content, it will definitely help in practice."

"This was excellent.  Nurse Managers don't get much of this kind of education and WE NEED IT.  These are issues we deal with every day and I will sign up for every class you offer on topics such as this one.  Excellent presenter."

"The speaker was very well informed and did a great job in presenting!"

"So many informative ideas with steps to utilize one's best potential."

"Amazing Speaker - very personal versus a lecture."

"Very Educational and informative.  Thank You."

"Absolutely wonderful in every aspect.  One of the best AORN has EVER offered.  Keep 'em coming!"

"Very informative and helpful to new leaders handling our daily challenges."

"This was my second meeting with Rita.  She does a great job of making material that seems
overwhelming seem less so.  Thanks again for these classes!

"I attended the first conference last month with Rita Fields and she is great!  I also think she should write a book - I would definitely buy it.  She has some wonderful knowledge and a great presentation.  I have picked up many things in both seminars.  I am a fairly new manager and could use all the help I can get. "

"Thanks for the effective correction information.  Got some new ideas from this session that will assist me in
the future when dealing with corrective action."

"Very Informative Information.  Really reinforced a lot of important action items.  Thank you!"

"Thought the meeting was very informative and Rita does a phenomenal job of presenting relevant examples.  Thank you."

"Very informative!  As a new manager I find that I am in need of guidance often and this was
a great help in preventing a potentially sticky situation."

"Great presentation style.  Good Content"

"I feel that the presentation was done very well.  I look forward to hearing this speaker again!"

"Excellent thank you.  Seems that we all have a common problem.  Seemed like Dr. Fields was talking directly to me."

"I have heard Dr. Fields speak before and as always, she was great.  
I received a great deal of information that will impact my job as a new leader."

"Great personality and great speaker."

"Thank you for providing such a great webinar.  It was very timely and full of reminders for myself."

"This was a very good presentation.  I like that it had simple things I can implement right away."

"I learned a lot from this webinar.  The topic was very informative on my present role as an OR Supervisor."

"I have picked up a lot of techniques on how to be a better leader."

"This was a very informative meeting.  I got a lot of good information in handling issues for the future."

"She is so much fun and gave truth talk."

"Different than I thought it was going to be, it was better."

"Knowledgeable and Entertaining"

"Loved all the stories and the Jokes."

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